Seriously Arthur, the beard was a bad idea.


Paul Simon


Simon & Garfunkel after finishing at performance of The Sound of Silence in France, 1967


This is cute and makes me happy. I like seeing the boys together and smiling.


Artie winking at the camera is too cute! He’s cute and he knows it too!


Why do Paul and Artie rarely make eye contact during performances?

These moments from a 1966 concert in France might give us a clue: they just can’t keep a straight face when their eyes meet, even during such songs as A Most Peculiar Man and I Am a Rock. And it’s not like the lyrics are humourous, since the boys crack the biggest smiles on “he wasn’t friendly and he didn’t care” and “I touch no one and no one touches me”.  Of course, they might be recalling that time they got stoned, and Paul fell smack on his back laughing at his own song (incidentally, it was the line “freshly fallen silent shroud of snow” that set him off that time… 18:30 and following)


When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light

Simon and Garfunkel




Nice pictures of Paul. I especially like the middle one. Love that smile!

Oh my, these are new pictures to me <3 Such an adorable Paulie he is

My favourite pictures of Paul. He’s just too cute here.